AInsights: Forgetting Google? Perplexity Pages Craft Expert Content Search Engines Love

AInsights: Forgetting Google? Perplexity Pages Craft Expert Content Search Engines Love


By Brian Solis

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Perplexity, my favorite AI-powered answers engine, just introduced Perplexity Pages. This is a game changer on so many fronts. Let’s start with what it is, and then we’ll get into why this is such a big deal.

As a content creator, I do my research. Then, I assemble the information into an article, blog, video, podcast, website, paper, etc., and publish a link where people can visit to learn more. Perplexity now provides a content creation and publishing platform to conduct AI-powered research, vet the information, document sources, and publish your research as a linkable (and shareable) destination. Said simply, Perplexity Pages uses its artificial intelligence engine to transform research into visually compelling and shareable web pages with just a few clicks.

Here’s an example. Today, I spent time researching how to make authentic bolognese. In my research using Google, Youtube, and Perplexity, I learned that there is one registered recipe and another that’s also widely accepted as authentic. The registered recipe doesn’t not use tomatoes or milk. The other does. After all that work, I assembled, manually, after countless resources on both sides, the process to correctly reproduce both recipes. Had I done this using Perplexity Pages, I could have produced my own, personally researched cook book, at the push of a button, saving a ton of time researching, writing, and assembling pictures and videos. UPDATE: I did indeed channel all research to Perplexity Pages and published my results for all the home chefs out there!

Where was this when I started blogging!?

How does Perplexity Pages work?

1) Define the Topic: Specify the subject matter you want to explore, whether it’s an industry overview, product analysis, or market research.

2) Specify the Audience: Indicate the target audience for your content, such as executives, researchers, or customers.

3) Generate the Page: Perplexity’s AI scours its LLM, curates relevant information, and generates a structured draft with sections, images, and citations. You can prompt Perplexity to generate AI images, upload your own, or use web images.

4) Customize and Publish: Refine the content, add or remove sections, adjust the layout, and publish the Page to Perplexity’s library or share it directly with your audience.


Pages reminds me of the original Blogger and WordPress combined with Canvas and also Quora if answers were generated by artificial intelligence. It’s part publishing tool, part thought leadership/branding, part subject matter expert, and part designer.

For example, here’s my Perplexity Page that explores Perplexity Pages.

With many pundits, myself included, positioning Perplexity as an answers engine and an alternative to Google, Pages are likely to be indexed by Google itself. This means that Perplexity is providing the tools to help curious thinkers, creators, writers, academics, experts, and researchers, accelerate and elevate their thought leadership using its competitors platform to amplify subject matter expertise and potentially, online visibility and fundability.

Google will respond. In the meantime, this is an excellent tool to learn how to hone AI-powered research and hone your editing skills, validating AI-powered results, and up-leveling the output in every dimension

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