Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Ordinary or Extraordinary?


By Jeff Bullas

At first
We all arrive
Wrinkled and screaming
Drawing the gasping breath
At birth
Consciousness arrives
Delivered by a midwife
With ample girth

We giggle and chuckle
The 2-year-olds
We run amok
Tossing teacups
All sorts of stuff
Just growing

It doesn’t stop
We dress up
Demand to be a fairy queen
Prance and spin
Wanting to be seen
A pirate
The macho
The tough

Or just take the time
To fight and pinch our siblings
For no reason
Just to be mean

We play
Go wild
The wantonness of the child
The tantrums rise and fall
Sometimes our embarrassed parents
Drag us out of the mall
Desert the shopping trolley
They’ve had enough
We just want to be jolly
It’s folly
A ball

The hormones scream
Sometimes throw our emotions out of the cot
It’s the angst of a teen

The reality
It’s disappearing
If you don’t take a pause
To reflect
To seize
On what could become neglect
Living an imagined life
Or just curling up in bed

Inside us sits the infinite
Even though we don’t dare
It often goes unsaid
The dream

Are we destined for greatness?
A king
A queen
Or drift through life unseen

The journey has started
It’s inevitable
The haunting question
And the inevitable end
Makes your soul cry
But we need meaning

It doesn’t shout
Before we say goodbye

The doubts
The fears
Is that all there is?

But in the middle
Is an answer
In the noise of life

We dance alone
Afraid to ask a favor
In the middle of friends and family
But don’t wait for a savior

We often hide
Lost in the drudgery
Of the grind
Never mind
Just close your eyes
Be blind
Do what you’re told
Don’t be bold
Fit the mold
Of what’s gone before

We seek activity
That’s easy
Rather than reflective creativity
That’s too hard
We’d rather turn up the noise
Not seek the way of the bard
The maker
The creator

Instead, we take the flat path
Follow the decline
Running the wrong way
Not seeking the dream
Instead, we are lost each day in life’s demands
Pay the ferry master
The landlord
The innkeeper
We need to get to the other side
Cross the stream

Dive into the dream
Choose extraordinary
Before it’s gone
Dragged under
In the thunder

There’s no easy answer
Ask the question
Lean in
Have a crack
You will hear the knock
If you stop
Then experiment
That’s the knack

You are the intersection
The mix
The curator of…
It’s all on your plate
Of your genius gift

What’s needed?
Mixing and collating
Wrapping it
Taking what you have
The rough
Until it is polished
Despite the naysayers
That will admonish

We start dreaming
And you could end your life screaming
If you aren’t careful
That’s not fun
Asking a different question
What the shit have I done

Why not imagine
It’s not hard
A child can do that
A teen

Grownups need vision
Before we die
Still asking the simple question.
That demands a big answer
Found in silent space
It’s a magical place

But the answer has demands
A price
It needs commitment
It needs discipline
It needs passion
It needs persistence
Despite days without sun
Pain plays within the pleasure
That you cannot measure
Until it’s done

Finding a way is in front of you
Hidden in the noise of a day
In the silence of the night

You will need
To stand up
Get it done
It’s never given to you
That would be too easy
No fun

You are imagination
You can be extraordinary
To the world
So create
Then share
It’s your life
You are infinite
Greater than you know
That’s the gauntlet
The chalice
To seize

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